Wolf- Dodem (Totem)


2018 – Archival ink and alcohol marker

Wolf- Dodem (Totem)

2018 Archival ink and alcohol marker


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Naomi Priscilla Peters  – Artist

Naomi Peters is a Potawatomi/Chippewa (Ojibwe) member and artist of the Caldwell First Nation. She recently graduated from Tyndale University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts (English Major/Psychology Minor).  She has been drawing for over a decade.


In her indigenous animal series, she hopes to portray culturally important animals in a meaningful and beautiful way. She takes inspiration both from traditional indigenous stylings and nature. To name them, she always uses the Ojibway language, sometimes as a direct translation and some with their own unique titles. She wishes to depict these beautiful creatures as she sees them and hopes that people find enjoyment through her art.

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