First Nations Christian Writers Bundle


First Nations Christian Writers bundle! Get Volume 1 and Volume 2 of First Nations Christian Writers for a great price!

First Nations Christian Writers is a rich smorgasbord of writing styles and genres reflecting the diversity of writers from as far south as Point Pelee, Ontario and as far north as Cross Lake, Manitoba. You’ll find a variety of ages: from a fourteen-year-old student to a seventy-nine-year-old retiree. Genres represented also cover a wide range including poetry, essay, devotionals, biography, and life story. All speak of the hope and healing which can be found in Jesus.

First Nations Christian Writers Volume 2 has a broad range of voices that all speak deep from within their hearts and from the love of Jesus. These First Nations writers are all Jesus followers who don’t always get their voices heard in mainstream society, but if they were heard, it would change attitudes and hearts for eternity. These men and women have struggled and fought through their journeys of life, and when you read their stories you will understand that they have evidently experienced the grace of God in their lives.” Parry Stelter, author of A Word of Hope for my Aboriginal People

James M Peters is the father of Potawatomi /Chippewa (Ojibway) Artists Naomi Priscilla Peters


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